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 flooR & TeRRace
 Decking to specification per m2
You specify the dimensions and the direction of the decking, and the required materials are supplied rounded off to whole m2. The mentioned m2 price includes all decking elements, support beams and screws.
  Decking plank 2.8x14.0cm Central European impregnated pine
Decking plank 2.8x14.5cm Larch/Douglas
Decking plank 2.8x17.5cm Larch/Douglas, smooth planed
Decking plank 2.8x19.5cm Northern Swedish impregnated spruce, smooth planed
Decking plank 2.1x14.5cm Kapur hardwood
Decking plank 2.5x14.5cm Kapur hardwood
Decking plank 2.7x14.5cm Kapur hardwood, smooth planed
Premium composite 2.0x14.0cm charcoal, natural Premium composite 2.0x14.0cm classic grey
Excellent solid composite 2.0x14.0cm charcoal, natural, coffee, redwood Excellent solid composite 2.0x14.0cm classic grey
The special alloy* from which these stainless screws are made, make them extremely suitable for the construction of wooden decking!
• The drilling point prevents wood from cracking and contributes to a speedy assembly
• 6 milling ribs on the shank decrease wood tension
• Small head sinks in between the wood ribs
              Tuindeco catalogue 2019
Stainless steel hardwood screw with
small head, T-drive
60° head with 4 milling ribs, milling ribs on the shank, special drilling tip, tempered and waxed ø l bit
39.0660 4 40
39.0661 5 40
39.0662 5 50
39.0663 5 60
39.0664 5 70
Tx 15 200 Tx 25 200 Tx 25 200 Tx 25 200 Tx 25 200
* Stainless steel AISI 410, tempered and passified.
Not suitable for use in salt- or chlorine-containing environments.

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