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 flooR & TeRRace
Decking plank, central european impregnated pinewood
Underside planed and top side rough relief
37.3130 2.8x14.0x300cm
37.3140 2.8x14.0x400cm
Plank, northern swedish impregnated spruce
Planed, rounded angles and artificially dried
37.8242 2.8x19.5x420cm
37.8251 2.8x19.5x510cm
Decking plank, larch/douglas
Planed, undried, core-free, top quality, underside planed and top
Hardwood decking plank
Underside planed and top side rough relief
37.2139 2.1x14.5x400cm
37.2539 2.5x14.5x400cm
Kapur decking plank
Underside planed and top side rough relief
37.2224 2.1x14.5x245cm
37.2227 2.1x14.5x275cm 37.2230 2.1x14.5x305cm 37.2233 2.1x14.5x335cm 37.2236 2.1x14.5x365cm 37.2239 2.1x14.5x400cm 37.2242 2.1x14.5x430cm 37.2245 2.1x14.5x460cm 37.2248 2.1x14.5x490cm
Kapur decking plank
Underside planed and top side rough relief
37.2624 2.5x14.5x245cm
                                                              rough relief
45.2730 2.8x14.5x300cm 45.2740 2.8x14.5x400cm 45.2750 2.8x14.5x500cm
37.2627 2.5x14.5x275cm 37.2630 2.5x14.5x305cm 37.2633 2.5x14.5x335cm 37.2636 2.5x14.5x365cm 37.2639 2.5x14.5x400cm 37.2642 2.5x14.5x430cm 37.2645 2.5x14.5x460cm 37.2648 2.5x14.5x490cm
37.271936 2.7x19.0x365cm 37.271939 2.7x19.0x395cm
                               Plank, larch/douglas
Kapur decking plank
2-sided planed
2-sided planed, dried, top quality and core-free
45.0006 2.8x17.5x400cm
                                Laying tips pine, larch/douglas and hardwood decking planks:
• Lay a buffeted layer of sand of at least 25 cm.
• Cover this with Weed matting and then place the 30x30 tiles every 50cm in linear and crossing direction. Place the bottom slats on the tiles, 40cm centre-to-centre.
Mount the bottom slats to the tiles with corner supports if necessary.
• If the underground is unstable (e.g. peat), then the use of wooden stakes instead of tiles is recommended to prevent sagging.
• A space of at least 1 cm must be kept open from the wall to the first row of planks for warpage.
• Clearance between the planks 0.5 cm (=ruler gauge) and clearance between on-end joints (butt joint) 0.3 cm. This in view of wood warpage.
Tuindeco catalogue 2019

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