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 GaRDen PaRTITIons & concReTe sYsTeMs
 There are various ways of creating a partition in your garden. Concrete Systems of various heigts are available for this which together with garden fences ensure privacy. Our range is so extensive that you can make an attractive, natural and permanent partition yourself. You can be as creative as you want in this when designing your garden.
concReTe sYsTeM 180 WITH boTToM Panels
The concrete posts for this system are available in various lengths, thereby accommodating height differences. The concrete posts have a fixed rebate dimension that is suitable for both smooth and small patterned panels. When using a small patterned panel, a wooden cover is only possible if you shorten the garden screen to a height of 178cm.
If you decide to use the concrete posts in combination with arched fences you must use special filler blocks at the underside of the rebate. These can be found on page 23.
The 308cm long concrete posts have a rebate that is suitable for 2 smooth bottom panels or 2 small patterned bottom panels. It is also possible to use 1 wide patterned panel, but then you must fill the underside with special filler blocks, which can be found on page 23. Both possibilities in combination with 180cm high garden fences.
For a very comprehensive range of garden fences for this wood-concrete system, please see pages 26-39.
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