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 GaRDen PaRTITIons & concReTe sYsTeMs
  DIY Panniers
15.7001 Meshed element, 100x200cm 15.7002 Meshed element 30x200cm Mesh width: 4.5x4.5cm
Mesh: 5mm, galvanised
15.7005 Iron tube for anchoring high gabions Ø3.4x300cm
49.0050 Ring tongs with automatic transport
49.0051 Ring tong rings 20mm galvanised
1000 rings in a box (insert ring every 10cm)
• In order to prevent sagging, always assemble intermediate boards
every 40cm (these you can make yourself from the same mesh as
the product itself).
• By placing several intermediate boards you can also create a
partition containing a variety of coloured fillings in a single design. • We recommend one ring every 10cm.
• For each design higher than 75cm or wider than 25cm, we
recommend iron tubes as a means of reinforcement.
• The iron tubes are placed within the construction and later hidden
from view by filling it up.
• After the grinding, the open edges must be treated with a zinc-based
coating to prevent corrosion.
• As a rule, products made from mesh and stone are heavy. Make sure
that you lay a foundation of concrete, tiles or hardwood to prevent
• The meshed elements are double-wired, both horizontally and
vertically at the centre in order to prevent the ‘loss’ of mesh.
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