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The properties of wood:
 Wood is a natural material and has excellent properties, such as:
• Firmness
• Elasticity
• Noise insulation
• Easy to process
• Natural appearance
because wood is a natural material, it also has the following properties:
• Swelling, shrinking and cracking
• Resin
• Pith
• Knots and flames
• Rough spots and edges • Salt formation
• Pinholes
• Fungi and bruises
• Gum
Swelling, shrinking and cracking:
The atmospheric humidity level has a profound effect on the volume of wood. It makes wood swell and shrink. This is what we refer to as “warping” of the wood.
During the first year after processing, wood can secrete a certain amount of resin which, once it reaches the surface, quickly becomes brittle. It then very soon falls off the wood or can be removed with the aid of a plane.
The core of the tree trunk contains pith. This is the tree's food channel and is sometimes confused with wood rot.
Knots and flames:
These are characteristic for wood and give each wood type a different appearance.
Rough spots and edges:
Due to its specific structure, wood can always contain rough spots or edges, even when it has been thoroughly planed or milled.
Salt formation:
Impregnated wood can appear to have salt formation on the outside. This is actually resin that turns yellow/green when the wood is impregnated. These spots disappear after a while.
These are caused by small wood-eating insects. All such insects are eliminated before the wood is processed into the final product. This has nothing at all to do with woodworm.
Fungi and bruises:
Wood impregnated under boiler pressure becomes very moist, due to which the wood can be affected by mildew and fungi, especially in the summer season. They disappear over time and can easily be removed by hand. The fungi have no effect on the quality and strength of the wood.
Hardwood contains gum. This is a brown substance that is released from the wood due to rain and heat. It can discolour surrounding parts.
Understanding that wood is a natural product and may swell or shrink, the dimensions specified in this catalogue may differ slightly from those of the supplied product

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