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 loG cabIns & GaRDen HoUses
EASY Roofing is a self-adhesive roofing roll fitted on the top side with a UV-resistant aluminium layer. This roll is ideal for practically all surfaces such as lightly slanted roofs, and forms the ideal solution for roof covering of your garden house, garage, carport, etc. The roll is easy and safe to install, which can be done in no time. The aluminium foil on the top has an attractive silver-grey colour, which also provides protection against UV radiation and other environmental influences. A roof angle of 2 degrees is already sufficient.
Easy-roofing aluminium Roll of 5 m2
Not for pyramid roofs. LSFR certified for the Dutch construction industry.
This certificate shows that the material is fire retardant and withstands extreme temperature variations.
ePDM roof covering 1.14mm thick, to specification per m2
ePDM contact adhesive
aluminium edging strip
40.99892 Tube 0.29L 40.99891 Spray can 0.75L
40.1114 L250xW4.5xH4.5cm Aluminium
40.1115 L50xW4.5xH4.5cm Aluminium
40.1116 Coupling element Aluminium
40.1114Z L250xW4.5xH4.5cm charcoal
40.1115Z L50xW4.5xH4.5cm charcoal
40.1116Z Coupling element charcoal
Urban grommet, square Protrudes from the fascia board at the lowest side between roof and rain pipe.
bitumen kit
For roof shingles/roofing felt Per tube 310ml
  Roof duct, round
Roofing felt, grey
43.5110 Roof duct, round 43.5110M Slip coupling
   40.9994 Per roll 6.5m2
40.9995 Per roll 10m2
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