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 loG cabIns & GaRDen HoUses
Roof tile profile boards
40.9930 Roof tile profile boards, black 40.9933 Roof tile profile boards, matt black
Roof tile profile boards
40.9931 Roof tile profile boards, terracotta 40.9932 Roof tile profile boards, charcoal
40.9956 Aqua-pan board, red 40.9966 Aqua-pan board, charcoal
Advantages of Aquapan:
Granulate finishing, therefore no shiny surface area
The metal is finished with an aluminium zinc coating
Very easy to install without cutting or sawing
Weighs only 6 kg/m2
Minimum roof angle 10 degrees
To prevent condensation and damp formation we advise that you use roofing felt as an underlayer.
aqua-pan ridge tile and end piece 40.9957 Aqua-pan ridge tile, Red 40.9967 Aqua-pan ridge tile, Charcoal
91cm (effective 81cm)
40.99571 Aqua-pan ridge capping end piece, Red 40.99671 Aqua-pan ridge capping end piece,
(2 per roof)
aqua-pan wind stop and screws
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40.9958 40.9968
40.99561 40.99661
Aqua-pan wind stop, Red Aqua-pan wind stop, Charcoal 91cm (effective 81cm)
Aqua-pan screws, Red Aqua-pan screws, Charcoal Per 40 (6 per board)

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