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 loG cabIns & GaRDen HoUses
    Tilt and Turn Window L5.1 40.2023 W50xH50cm
Tilt and Turn Window L5.2 40.2024 W50xH100cm
Tilt and Turn Window L3 40.2021 W144.5xH96.6cm
Tilt and Turn Window L4 40.2022 W75.5xH96.6cm
Tilt and Turn Window L2 40.2025 W92.0xH92.0cm
   Tilt and Turn Window L6 40.2026 W120.0xH92.0cm
Tilt and Turn Window L1 40.2020 W212.0xH96.6cm
   Untreated Northern European spruce doors and windows, including frame, with double-glazing for log cabins with a wall thickness of 28-70cm
* LH (left-hinged) RH (right-hinged)
**To place an extra high single or double door in your log cabin, you also need to install 2 additional wall layers.
The doors illustrated on this page are covered with wood on both sides and have insulation between the planks.
As in the case of the windows they are sealed with rubber and have a top-quality bracket.
What’s more, both the windows and doors have an aluminium weathering.
Please note! The specified dimensions of the windows and doors are rebate dimensions.
Single Door D10
40.2032L W83xH188cm LH* 40.2032R W83xH188cm RH* Including cylinder lock
Single Door D11 40.2033 W83xH188cm Including cylinder lock
      Extra High and Wide Single Door 40.2017LW99xH209cm LH* 40.2017R W99xH209cm RH* Including cylinder lock and extra solid hinges
Extra High and Wide Double Door 40.2018L W174xH209cm LH* 40.2018R W174xH209cm RH* Including cylinder lock and extra solid hinges
Double Door DL7 40.2030 W159xH188cm Including cylinder lock
Double Door DL8 40.2031 W159xH188cm Including cylinder lock
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