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 loG cabIns & GaRDen HoUses
caRefRee PRoTecT® - UlTIMaTe concReTe & WooD PRoTecTIon
Is a revolutionary and unique product for maintaining both wood and concrete in optimal condition and providing it with very long-term protection against the effects of the weather, moisture penetration, UV rays and temperature variations. Is based on ultramodern nanotechnology; it is water- based and does not contain any organic solvents. Is very easy to use without any expert knowledge, without time-consuming preparation and without special equipment. Provides a moisture-resistant finish to wood and concrete and is also resistant to algae, fungus and corrosion. Does not have the disadvantage of stains, paints and coatings, such as blistering, colour loss and regular maintenance. Prevents the unattractive calcium formation on concrete products. Has a high penetration capacity whereby the structure of the treated product remains clearly visible. Does not require a primer
or undercoat and can be applied directly to a clean and dry surface without any sanding being necessary. Is simple to apply with a paint roller, brush
or low-pressure paint spray. Gives a moisture proof protective layer, making cleaning very simple. Is ideally suited to the long-term protection and decoration of wooden products such as log cabins, garden fences, furniture, pergolas and decking planks. Not suitable for hardwood and modified types of wood. Comprehensive handling instructions and useful tips can be found on the website
carefree Protect
38.2800 Opaque Black 1L
38.2842 Opaque Black 2.5L
38.2802 Transparent Transparent 1L 38.2810 Transparent Transparent 2.5L 38.2804 Opaque Charcoal 1L
38.2844 Opaque Charcoal 2.5L
38.2805 Transparent Pine 1L
38.2811 Transparent Pine 2.5L
38.2807 Semi-opaque White 1L
38.2840 Semi-opaque White 2.5L 38.2806 Semi-opaque Concrete grey 1L 38.2843 Semi-opaque Concrete grey 2.5L 38.2846 Transparent Light oak 1L 38.2812 Transparent Light oak 2.5L 38.2847 Opaque Green 1L
38.2841 Opaque Green 2.5L
embalan® is an opaque, silky-gloss paint that you can dilute with water. Embalan® is highly elastic, moisture-regulating and water-repellent and shares several unique qualities with our Embadecor® stains; such as, it does not peel and is UV-stable. Embalan® forms a cocoon in which your wood is protected for many years. If applied correctly Embalan® also prevents your wood from cracking. Embalan® is available in 15 beautiful colours, all of which can be mixed with each other, enabling you to create an entire symphony of colour. You should use a base insulation coat for the first layer under Embalan to ensure the best final result, for this, we recommend our Transparent Embalan Insulation Coat.
38.2650 Embalan White 2.5L
38.2652 Embalan Grey 2.5L
38.2653 Embalan Black 2.5L
38.2654 Embalan Blue-Grey 2.5L
38.2656 Embalan Prussian blue 2.5L
38.2658 Embalan Carriage green 2.5 L
38.2659 Embalan Red 2.5L
38.2660 Embalan Red-brown 2.5L
38.2666 Embalan Charcoal 2.5L 38.2665 Embalan Insulation Coat 2.5L
to prevent light colors from spilling
embadecor® is a transparent product with active ingredients against the discolouration and damage of the wood through wood-consuming and surface fungi.
Embadecor® is available in 14 natural colours including a transparent option. These stains can be mixed with each other to create stunning and unique colours. Embadecor® not only makes wood weatherproof, but it also enhances the natural characteristics by adding depth, texture and highlighting the beautiful structure of the wood. A unique quality of Embadecor® is that it does not peel, it is UV-stable, emphasises the grain and is water-repellent. It is suitable for all types of wood and is applied using a brush, spray or immersion. Embadecor® can be used as a primary coat for wood that is to be later treated with Embalan® opaque paint.
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38.2600 38.2601 38.2602 38.2603 38.2604 38.2605 38.2606 38.2607 38.2608 38.2609 38.2610 38.2611 38.2612
Embadecor Transparent 2.5L Embadecor Swedish red 2.5L Embadecor Light pine 2.5L Embadecor Pine 2.5L Embadecor Light oak 2.5L Embadecor Rustic oak 2.5L Embadecor Teak 2.5L Embadecor Walnut 2.5L Embadecor Ebony 2.5L Embadecor Pine green 2.5L Embadecor Chestnut 2.5L Embadecor Mahogany 2.5L Embadecor Silver grey 2.5L

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