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Tuindeco has made a deliberate choice to create the correct balance between People, Planet and Profit in its business activities.
As well as focusing on new market opportunities, growth and innovation Tuindeco places a considerable emphasis on protecting our environment, society and humankind. For many years now Tuindeco has done its utmost to ensure that the wooden materials and products it supplies comply with its required standards for sustainable quality, and that wood sourced from illegal logging is never purchased or used.
Tuindeco has been a member of the Netherlands Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) partner network since 2013. Being one of the largest garden timber suppliers in the Netherlands, this is how Tuindeco realises its ambitions to have forest stewardship implemented globally and contribute to the protection and responsible management of forests all over the world. Furthermore, we purposely go one step further then required under the European Forest Law Enforcement Governance & Trade Decree (FLEGT) introduced in March 2013, which aims to ban the importation of illegal wood.
As a supplier of products that use the natural forest resources, it is crucial for us to know exactly where these materials come from and how the forests in question are managed. As you can imagine, it is of paramount importance for us to be able to continue with the supply of wooden products in the future. The use of FSC wood and our partnership with FSC Netherlands are the perfect means of realising these ambitions.
Promoting Sustainable Forest Management
FLEGT stands for Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade.
The FLEGT action plan was introduced as early as 2003, with the aim of reducing illegal logging through promoting and implementing sustainable and legal forestry management.
The first volunteer partnership agreement with Indonesia came into effect on since the 15th November 2016, and from this date, all wood products imported into Europe from Indonesia have to meet the FLEGT regulations.
In the Netherlands, the NVWA is the responsible authority that inspects all incoming goods verifying their authenticity and compliance with the regulations agreed in the permit. In collaboration with customs, the NVWA checks samples of the goods being sent.
Tuindeco is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified.
The PEFC, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, is a global non-profit and non-governmental organisation whose purpose is to promote sustainable forest management. The ultimate objective of PEFC is the establishment of sound management for all forests on the planet. By means of a system of certification, forest proprietors are able to demonstrate their compliance with PEFC requirements in terms of forest management. Wood can safely and responsibly be logged from PEFC- certified forests. Chain of Custody-certified companies further along the chain can process this wood in PEFC-certified products. For more information, visit the PEFC international website:
The FSC promotes responsible forest management. For more information, visit the FSC international website: Here you will also find the 10 FSC principles of responsible forest management.
Forest proprietors, wood traders, environmental groups and local residents' representatives must work together to globally improve forest management. One of the main objectives in this respect is to establish financially viable and ecologically and socially responsible wood production methods.
The FSC's core activity is to ensure proper management for the earth's forests, both tropical and non-tropical.
The FSC certification system enables forest proprietors who comply with the agreements to distinguish themselves from those whose forests are poorly managed.
Moreover, the FSC makes certified wood recognisable for consumers, thus guaranteeing them that the wood originates
from well-managed forests and that the entire supply chain is monitored. The instrument used in this is certification, both for forest management and for the supply chain. Certificates are issued by one of the independent organisations that have been acknowledged by the FSC.
Rather than formulate the demands for proper forest management themselves, the PEFC has relied on international stakeholder consultations to provide more than 250 requirements. These internationally defined criteria are endorsed by 149 countries. In addition to economical and ecological requirements, the PEFC also prescribes strict social conditions in respect of social working standards (International Labour Organization). Ultimately we have to be sure that a product is FSC or PEFC-certified only if it has the FSC or PEFC quality mark. It is the task of independent inspectors to enforce compliance with the regulations.
The KOMO quality mark is issued by the Netherlands Wood Inspection Agency Foundation (SKH). The tasks of this foundation are to issue quality certificates and to supervise, among other things, the high-pressure impregnation of wood with a fungus and insect- repelling, life-span extending product.
This foundation aims for all quality-related processes within the entire wood industry to be certified according to pre-established guidelines, from basic resources to final product. The guidelines for wood impregnation contain, among other things, the requirements with which impregnating liquids, impregnation processes and impregnated products must comply. Tuindeco always impregnates wood in accordance with the latest guidelines.
In short:
A KOMO certification guarantees an environmentally responsible wood impregnation process and a well-impregnated final product. You can recognise KOMO-certified Tuindeco products by their KOMO hallmark.
In this catalogue, FSC- or PEFC-certified products are marked with the FSC or PEFC hallmark.
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