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 loG cabIns & GaRDen HoUses
WooD PReseRVaTIVes
Wood is a beautiful natural material, it is easily worked and can be crafted into virtually any shape imaginable. Wood that is staying outdoors must
be protected because if left untreated, it will eventually be affected by the damaging influences of mould, fungi, rain, mist, humidity, wind, storms and sunlight. To prevent this from happening, all wooden components for Log Cabins, Garden Houses, Chalets, Wall Panelling, Fencing, etcetera, must be treated. This protection is achieved by means of impregnation or applying one of our top-quality stains or paints. On the following pages, you will find various products selected and recommended by us.
Impregnation of log cabins
All our Log Cabins are available impregnated. Impregnation increases the life span of the log cabin as this protects the wood against fungus and other processes that may damage the wood. When an impregnated Log Cabin is delivered, it is ready to be constructed in your garden.
Naturally, over time your impregnated log cabin will begin to show signs of weathering and it is important to know that impregnation does not have moisture-regulating properties and does not guarantee wind- and watertight walls and corners.
To achieve this, you will have to paint or stain the log cabin shortly after assembly.
Impregnation is available in a choice of Three colours
Depending on your personal preference, you can choose from one of three Impregnation Colours; Green, Brown or Silver-Grey.
Impregnation Process
A process of immersion /diffusion is used to impregnate the log cabin. This process involves the use of professional impregnating liquids that guarantee long term protection against fungi.
All elements of the log cabin are impregnated, including doors, window frames and shutters, etc. Separate elements such as floorboards can be impregnated. Impregnating liquids may damage the ironmongery in your log cabin. After the impregnation, the log cabin is left to dry naturally and is repackaged.
spray-coating a structure
Your Log Cabin, Arbour, Spruce Building, Garage or Carport can be given an undercoat in one of the following colours, White, Grey, Charcoal or Transparent. The undercoat is applied in two layers. The colour you choose for the undercoat is best determined on the basis of the final colour you are going to apply.
Which parts are coated?
All wall posts, window frames and doors are base-coated with the desired colour. Roof boards are not coated, as that they are covered and protected by the roof covering. We recommend the use of Embadecor/Embalan or Carefree Protect for the final treatment
 Impregnating liquid
 38.2762 Transparent, 0.75L
38.2763 Silver grey, 0.75L
38.2760 Green, 0.75L
38.2761 Brown, 0.75L
38.2752 Transparent, 2.5L
38.2753 Silver grey, 2.5L
38.2750 Green, 2.5L
38.2751 Brown, 2.5L
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