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 GaRDen PaRTITIons & concReTe sYsTeMs
Adjustable, decorative and durable The decorative Flex Fence has a wonderfully unique feature. By simply rotating the bars you can choose the amount of privacy or shade that you want.
You can use the Flex Fence system as fencing or a partition wall but also as a roof on a pergola for example.
You can adjust and adapt the Flex Fence to any desired dimensions.
Stainless Steel DIY Pack Flex Fence 165cm
The DIY pack consists of pre-assembled upper and lower rail.
It’s your own creativity that determines the ultimate, unique result!
Example 1:
Do you want to construct a Flex Fence from impregnated wood with the dimensions 180x180cm?
Do you want to place it vertically and give it a wooden border?
Stainless steel DIY Flex Fence
14 planks 1.9x14.5x180cm
Wooden border, 4 pieces 4.4x7.0x180cm
Example 2:
Do you want to make a Flex Fence of hardwood with the dimensions 90x180cm? Do you want to place it horizontally and give it a wooden border and horizontal planks?
Stainless steel DIY Flex Fence
6 planks 1.4x14.0x180cm
Wooden border, 2 pieces 4.4x6.8x305cm
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