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 loG cabIns & GaRDen HoUses
 Why a Tuindeco Log Cabin?
Top class Northern European spruce wood Side heights at least 200cm
Doors made from at least 3.2cm beam wood Real glass 4cm (thicker models double glazing) Wide range of extra windows and doors Wide range of roof coverings
Wind- and watertight straight corner connections Can be ordered impregnated or coated Wide range of fittings
No mixed types of wood
Artificially dried to 14-18%
Clear construction instructions
Roof boards at least 1.6cm
Extra wall layers easy to order
Doors with at least 3 hinges
Solid cylinder locks
Short delivery times due to large stocks
More than 150 models in all sizes and wood thicknesses Door height, including frame always at least 180cm Bespoke possible
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