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 Roofs, caRPoRTs & GaRaGes
  DIY flat roof Twello W743xD370xH262cm
Planed larch/douglas, dried, core-free, top quality. The windows and doors are of untreated spruce. DIY - including attachment material.
45.9024b Weatherboard profile planks, untreated 45.9024Z Weatherboard profile planks, black
 optional extra's
Easy-roofing (40m2) (8)
EPDM (35m2) (35)
Concrete pad footing with bevelled edges (charcoal) (8) Sinking prevention (8)
Concrete pad footing with rounded edges (grey) (8) Concrete pad footing with rounded edges (charcoal) (8) Thermally galvanised height adjustment (8)
Stainless steel height adjustment (8)
EPDM Adhesive
Glazing kit white
Aluminium Edging Strip (9)
Aluminium Outer Corner (4)
Flat roof drainage duct, square (3)
Larch/Douglas door (untreated)
  Tuindeco catalogue 2019
egberdin - see-Through cloth
W300xH244 cm
Complete set including rails, cloth, clasps, fitting kit and cloth anchoring screws.
Egberdin is a fine-meshed cloth that you can see through.
It is 50% water retaining, 67% reflective and 50% windproof. It comes with aluminium profile and stainless steel couplings and can be rolled up when required.
An excellent solution for extending your time in the garden when it becomes cooler in the evenings or if the wind picks up.
Ideal for quickly sealing walls in arbours/roofs and verandas. You can shorten the width and height yourself.

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