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 Roofs, caRPoRTs & GaRaGes
 Do-it-yourself roofs impregnated spruce and larch/douglas
Our standard Garden Houses with a Flat Roof and Open-Sided Barns are supplied including: • Full list of materials of standard lengths that you cut to size
• Construction manual
• Pack of screws
• Unplaned, untreated Larch/Douglas, fresh sawn, not dried, core-free, top quality (pages 168-169).
Fresh sawn/undried means that the wood dries in a natural manner. As a result, drying cracks may appear,
this, however, does not damage the strength and quality of the Larch/Douglas (pages 171-174).
• Planed, untreated Larch/Douglas, dried, core-free, top quality (pages 172, 175-176).
If you wish you can cut all the models to size yourself.
All options and wall modules can be found from page 165 and 219 .
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