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 Roofs, caRPoRTs & GaRaGes
Arbour Butterfly Large
Frame colour: charcoal Canvas colour: sandy
42.0265 Butterfly Large 300x300cm 42.0270 Butterfly Extra Large 400x400cm
 sliding canvas
Open woven canvas 220 g/m2
42.600Z Sliding canvas 300x500cm sandy/beige 42.600G Sliding canvas 300x500cm silver/grey 42.600I Sliding canvas 300x500cm ivory 42.59999 Stainless steel fitting kit for sliding
The set consists of:
3 wires with tensioner eye bolts
swivel coupling
42.59998 Aluminum rail trim for sliding canvas 42.59997 Stainless steel closing system for sliding
DIY supporting structure for sliding canvas larch/ douglas
Dimensions: 510x311cm
Columns 14.5x14.5cm
With props, planed, dried, core-free and top quality Including fitting kit
You saw everything to size yourself.
Tuindeco catalogue 2019

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