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    WHaT Is THeRMal WooD?
Thermal Wood is the result of a sustainable and
environmentally-friendly process in which only heat is used to enhance the properties of coniferous wood. The thermal treatment of Finnish coniferous wood results in a characteristic brown shaded pattern, giving it a warm and modern appearance.
Moreover, the treatment ensures: increased resistance against moisture, higher level of sustainability (class 2), better shape retention, a light-weight structure.
After some time, you need to treat Thermal wood with oil or stain.
Tuindeco catalogue 2019 131
Hot tube deluxe thermal wood
Height 150 cm
Height of heater pipe 270cm Supplied mounted
Includes: stairs, charcoal polyester inner box, stainless steel wood heater and heater pipe, thermo cover, LED lamps and bubble system
43.6182 Hob tub deluxe
43.6183 Filter systeem
Insulated cover
• shortens the heating time up to 2 time
• keeps water warm for up to five times longer
• protects the contents of the tub to the dust and dirt
• is a safe
• is made of weather- and UV resistant material, resistant to sea water and chlorine
• is resistant to mold and hardly ignitable
• grey

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