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 For a more luxurious feel to your garden, you can choose from our wide range of hottubs and saunas. Enjoy your surroundings in total relaxation.
Hottub spruce
Inside Ø190cm Outside Ø200cm Height, internal 90cm Height, external 105cm Wood thickness: 42mm
Supplied as construction kit, including:
Stairs, 5 Benches, wooden covering lid, aluminium wood heater, including pipe and spark guard, safety grill around the heater (internal), easy to empty due to the plug in the floor, luxury finishing of hot tub brim, adjustable stainless steel tightening straps around the hot tub, impregnated beams under the tub
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Hot tub with internal aluminium heater Seperate internal aluminium heater Hot tub with external aluminium heater Seperate external aluminium heater PVC Liner blue for Hot tub
Ash shovel set for hot tub Impregnating oil for hot tub Bottle stand for hot tub Filter System for hot tub
 Filter system
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