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 GaRDen PaRTITIons & concReTe sYsTeMs
 WooD-concReTe sYsTeM WITH GRooVeD PosT anD sTacKInG PRofIles
The concrete posts for this system have a length of 280cm. The rebate of these posts are 3cm wide with a length of 173cm. Under the normal groove there is a wider groove of 4.5cm width and a height of 26cm. A smooth or small patterned bottom panel can be incorporated in this undermost wide groove.
The 173cm groove can be filled further with wooden stack profiles. To finish, you can use a wooden coupling cap, see page 16, or the specially developed galvanised U-profiles. Due to the effect of the wooden stack profiles, this finish is highly recommended.
Fora comprehensive range of stack profiles for this system, see pages 59 and 61
Wood-concrete system white/grey with wider groove at bottom
Wood-concrete system charcoal with wider groove at bottom
1.50410 10.0x10.0x280cm Intermediate
1.50410e 10.0x10.0x280cm
End model
1.59150 U-profile 29mm 1.59150Z Cover cap 29mm
Powder coated Black
These specially developed products for Tuindeco are patented.
1.51410 1.51410e
10.0x10.0x280cm Intermediate model 10.0x10.0x280cm End model
    Galvanized U-profile ®
for stacking profiles
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